July 15, 2015 eTariff Release 2.5.2 is Now Available!

A new version of eTariff has just been released!!!

Version 2.5.2 with Database Build 40 is now available on your Sandbox Site.

The Release includes the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Page Redesigns for Master Tariff, Document Generation, Attachment Tab and FERC Submission page.
  • Some new features you will notice in the redesigned pages included:
  • Easier access to document generation links
  • New Master Tariff Doc Gen Link located under the Master Tariff Tab
  • Renaming of all document generation links to avoid confusion
  • Auto generate clean and marked attachments in the Attachment Tab
  • Auto Create Transmittal Letter 
  • More user friendly FERC Submission tab
  • Clear queue button has been added
  • New ways to export document generation documents
    • All sections strung together in one document
    • Export of one section per page in one document
    • Export of one section per page in separate documents (zipped together)
  • Many eTariffViewer Search and navigation enhancements

For a complete list of all fixes and enhancements go to www.etariff.biz Release Notes page (must be logged in to view it). Or go to the Help tab in your sandbox site for a list of all the release notes.