New Process for eTariff Releases coming in 2015

Systrends is going to have an eTariff release available every quarter starting the 1st quarter of 2015,. This means there will be 4 “versions” of eTariff released per year starting April 1, 2015. 
The number schema for the version will be as follows for each quarter:
                2.5.1.xxxx            – to be released on or around Apr 1st 
                2.5.2.xxxx            – scheduled release July 1st 
                2.5.3.xxxx            – scheduled release Oct 1st
                2.5.4.xxxx            – scheduled release Jan 1st 2016
  • The first number “2” is the eTariff version. This will only change to a 3 when the development team has made a significant change to eTariff.
  • The second number “5” is the year (2015). So in April 2016 release this will become a “6”.
  • The third number is the quarter for that year
  • There will be an additional 4 digits after the quarter number auto-generated by our system based on patches released in between quarters.
After the last day of each quarter we will send out a notice about the new release and provide release notes of any enhancements, improvements and bugs that went into the release. 
At this point you can review the release notes and see if there are any of the enhancements/fixes etc. that you want and let Systrends know if you would like to receive the update. If you want the release we will update your hosted production site or schedule an install.
You do not have to update each quarter. If you choose to wait until the “next quarter” release you can do so… at any quarter you choose to update your version of eTariff you will receive all the enhancements/improvements and bug fixes from all previous quarters. There is a plan to have release notes in the Help tab of eTariff so you will be able to view previous enhancements from other versions at any time.
This means anything considered an enhancement or improvement will only be available in the quarterly releases, so please keep that in mind if there is something you would like to have “changed” in eTariff. You may have to wait for that enhancement to be available in a quarterly release.
Bugs that prevent a filing from being completed will be treated as emergencies and will be taken care of immediately with a “patch update” to your server if needed.