Create, manage, file and update Electric Quarterly Reports with Systrends eFileEQR
eFileEQR, Systrends’ latest software solution, files Electric Quarterly Reports (EQR) with FERC in XML format. eFileEQR is an easy-to-use program containing up-to-date EQR filing requirements, and more. eFileEQR provides multiple ways to generate compliant EQR filings for submission to FERC. 
Companies that must file EQRs are FERC-jurisdictional electric utilities, including power marketers, traditional vertically-integrated utilities, transmission utilities, ISO/RTOs, and large non-jurisdictional utilities that have over four million MWHs of annual sales. 
Options for generating EQR filings:
  • Upload CSV, Excel, or XML files
  • Generate a filing from scratch through manual input
  • Create current quarter data based on prior EQRs, using copy forward 
eFileEQR software features:
  • Provides full-view mode of contract, transaction, identification, and eTag data
  • Contains fully-editable data fields after upload of an Excel or CSV file
  • Contains a validation check of data to ensure that data submitted will pass FERC’s validation routines
  • Contains super-validation checks of business rules to check for potential issues that FERC auditors frequently raise – including the new data screens that FERC began testing in early 2013
  • Provides a validation report indicating the location and reason for any errors
  • Provides for batch processing of errors
  • Appends new data to an existing file
  • Allows multiple company filing
  • Manages large EQR filings
  • Stores all previous quarterly filings
  • Files EQRs directly to FERC
  • Uses a compatible web-based hosted application
  • Includes a customer service help tab
  • Provides copy-forward capability to include previous data
 Let eFileEQR guide you through the quarterly filing process