Manage all current and future data integration requirements with one software solution.

Systrends T2Enterprise application is a complete solution for your data integration needs. The software suite is designed to  manage all components of complex data streams, from mapping and data control to distribution and auditing. T2Enterprise provides a dynamic solution for your organization’s data translation, storage, and distribution needs.

With IT departments overburdened, electronic data flow increasing, and the need to manage and share more information growing, it’s time to look at ways to automate, track, aggregate, and distribute. Systrends has helped over 200 companies in the energy industry automate, track, and transform their data. How can we help you?

T2Enterprise is the premier application for data discovery, integration, and monitoring. Our suite of products includes: T2Map (provides system data integration for complex data streams); T2Com (manages data between trading partners and between internal data solutions); T2Tran (validates, stores, alerts, and reports all transactions); T2App (provides delivery of data to mobile devices); and T2CIS (provides complete customer and billing system functionality). T2Enterprise is a comprehensive end-to-end solution for any organization that wants to manage, track, store, and distribute its data.

T2Enterprise features include:

  • Transaction management, security, and validation
  • Drag and drop control for quick and easy mapping
  • Flexible data conversion, storage, and reporting
  • Data transformation services
  • Many-to-many connectivity
  • Data transfer by market protocol or web services
  • Customized scalability for your data management
  • Complete customer information management

T2Enterprise can be used for:
  • Market integration
  • Smart grid data communications and analysis
  • Maintenance of operations
  • Integration of new and old systems
  • Managing mergers/acquisitions and rapid growth
  • Unifying platforms and data standardization
  • Mobile data distribution to internal and external users
  • Bill-ready, rate-ready, and supplier-consolidated billing
Let T2Enterprise take your organization’s transaction management to the next power.