Manage and integrate your customer information and billing.

T2CIS is a complete Customer Information System solution. The software is designed to provide all aspects of complex billing and data management. It offers bill-ready, rate-ready, and supplier-consolidating billing; summary and dual billing options; and customized billing solutions.

Developed to provide the retail energy marketer with a cost-effective method of implementing a system with “speed-to-market” as its primary focus, T2CIS offers transaction automation and integration, and fast expansion capability for small and large customer bases--from several thousand customers to 500,000 customers or more.

T2CIS integrates with our comprehensive T2Enterprise data integration product line to provide full market EDI, XML, and proprietary formatted electronic communication of standard transactions. All energy market transactions are supported and automated to provide customer switching, billing, enrollment, and settlement. Systrends has helped over 200 companies in the energy industry automate, track, and transform their data. How can we help you?

Save time, money, and be market ready.

T2CIS features include:

  • Bill-ready, rate-ready, and supplier-consolidating billing; summary, dual billing, and custom solutions
  • Quick and easy pricing updates
  • Full EDI, XML, and proprietary formatted electronic communication of energy market transactions
  • Robust system navigation and search capabilities, including accommodation for multi-commodities
  • Approval levels throughout the system, automatic transaction queuing and routing based on approvals
  • Online audit trail for all transactions, identification and logging of any review or modification

T2Enterprise, our premier data integration product, includes T2Map (provides system data integration for complex data streams), T2Com (manages data between trading partners and between internal data solutions), T2Tran (validates, stores, alerts, and reports all transactions), T2App (provides delivery of data to mobile devices), and T2CIS. T2Enterprise is a comprehensive end-to-end solution for any organization that wants to manage, track, store, and distribute its data.

Let T2Enterprise take your organization’s transaction management to the next power.