Systrends Product Solutions





All of Systrends' solutions manage and transport data. We integrate with your data, business applications, corporate information, customer and billing information, supplier/vendor interfaces, and the flow of critical information to and from your customers. Our modular integration solutions are customized for each organization’s unique requirements. We analyze your processes and systems to design an in-house or outsourced plan to meet your strategic organizational and business goals.

Our integrated solutions are designed to enhance your data transaction and distribution infrastructure and add communication scalability to serve and retain data to others or to external data systems, such as mobile applications.

T²Enterprise is an EDI software solution with multiple processing modules. These modules can be implemented as a total package or in stages that meet your requirements. T²Enterprise can be installed and implemented on-site or hosted through Systrends Service Bureau.

eTariffManager software is the most advanced solution available for tariff filing and management. The eTariffManager system provides FERC-defined standard transport solutions in a stand-alone or hosted environment using Systrends Service Bureau.

Outsourcing and cloud services options combine our data transaction and distribution consulting and systems development and management expertise with our software and service bureau.