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FERC Filing Software

eFINForms is an all-inclusive FERC Form Filing software solution that generates FERC-defined XBRL.


eMBRdata is an all-inclusive FERC Form Filing software solution that generates FERC-defined XBRL.


eTariffManager is an all-inclusive tariff management software solution that generates FERC-defined XML.


eTariffLoader imports previously filed XML into eTariffManager.


eTariffWeb transfers tariff documents from eTariffManager to a company or public website.

eFileEQR manages, updates and files Electric Quarterly Reports with FERC.
eFile549 converts spreadsheets to XML and to PDF for the 549D filing.


Cyber Security Products

Cyber Security Capabilities
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Cyber Security White Paper
T2 Products
T2Enterprise is a complete application suite for your data integration needs T²Enterprise
T2CIS is a complete Customer Information System solution for complex billing and data management.
T2Com manages data between trading partners and between internal data solutions. T²Com
T2Tran validates, stores, alerts and reports all transactions. T²Tran
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