If you are ready to file EQR with FERC, Systrends Can help

<p>As of April 1, 2014 you can now file your 3rd Quarter 2013 EQR to FERC under the new system. Systrends eFileEQR software can help you with all your EQR filing needs. eFileEQR is a software application that will create, manage and file EQRs. The validation process will make sure the data is FERC compliant, and the submission process will upload it directly to FERC. Eliminate the hassle of having to manually create, sandbox and upload your EQR filings. eFileEQR will guide you every step of the way, each quarter. For more information on eFileEQR <a href="https://www.etariff.biz/?q=content/efileeqr">Click Here</a> For a list of most common errors that companies have received when attempting to submit EQRs <a href="http://ferc.gov/docs-filing/eqr/common-errors.pdf">Click Here</a></p>