Hosting Solutions & Cloud Services

Systrends Service bureau offers an outsourcing solution for transaction processing and management. The Service bureau provides many-to-many translation and transport options, and modular solutions based on each client's requirements and those of their trading partners.
The Service bureau can include clearinghouse services such as store-and-forward, mail-boxing and delivery; or can connect directly to trading partners, point-to-point.

The Service bureau provides complete transaction management—transport, translation, tracking, and reporting—and offers scalability that can grow with your enterprise. The Service bureau can be expanded to integrate additional software and interfaces.

Systrends hosting features and benefits include:
  • Systrends eTariffManager software product line hosted
  • Systrends T² software product line hosted
  • Provide data mapping and translation for traditional EDI, Internet EDI, XML, ebXML, hybrid EBT and emerging standards and formats
  • Manage trading partner setup, testing, rollout, administration and maintenance
  • Ensure secure data transport and transmission through encryption and authentication
  • Includes standards updates and maintenance
  • Provide centralized validation, reporting, and archival
  • Maintain stringent site, system, network, communication and data security
  • Transform transaction data into useful management information
  • Improve your integration capability and flexibility—retain trading partners and attract new business
  • Save your resources (time and staff) for your core IT requirements
  • Greatly reduce your plan-to-production timeframe
  • Expands to include additional software and interfaces, trading partners, VANs and auxiliary data processing services or clearinghouses