FERC eFiling Solutions Available (eTariff and EQR)

In January 2007, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued NOPR RM01-5-000 announcing the launch of an initiative within the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) to develop standards for electronic tariff and rate schedule filings.

Systrends developed eTariffManager to meet the FERC requirements. Since the development of eTariffManager, Systrends has continued improvements with eTariff management, viewing, and storage processes with various product solutions designed to work with the eTariff software.

eTariffManager is a feature-rich solution that converts tariffs into FERC 714 XML format for proper submission to FERC. eTariffManager can accommodate organizations with both small and large complex tariffs.
eTariffLoader is designed to upload XML files into eTariffManager that have been generated by another application. Uploading an XML previously filed with FERC will allow users to create subsequent filings from that XML with all the correct metadata required for submission to FERC.

eTariffWeb is an add-on application to eTariffManager designed to satisfy your internal compliance requirements for listing tariffs on a company content management system. eTariffWeb compiles master tariffs, approved filings, and dockets filed with FERC directly from the eTariff server to a web page complete with word search capabilities.

solution will contain rule checks, data validation, and will minimize the filing burden of changes proposed by the Commission.
eFile549 is a program that helps you easily file transportation and quarterly storage reports. eFile549 will convert spreadsheets or other data applications containing the required information into the FERC-filable 549D PDF form for eFiling.
eFINForms - to comply with FERC Order 859 electronic filing for Commission Forms. Once the Final Rule by FERC and updated Taxonomy is available, Systrends will update its  application that is currently under development accordingly. Systrends will host monthly webinars to demonstrate the application. This application will be ready in time for the third quarter XBRL submission deadline.
eMBRdata - to comply with FERC Docket RM16-17- Order 860 on the data collections for MBR companies to submit data in XML format to the Relational Database.