Create, manage, and update all your tariffs with one solution: eTariffManager.

Systrends eTariffManager is an all-inclusive tariff management software solution that generates FERC-defined XML in a stand-alone or hosted environment. eTariffManager converts energy tariffs to XML, and provides full-circle management for the lifespan of the tariff. Systrends provides service options that allow you to pay based on the number of filings or for an unlimited number of filings, accommodating both small- and large-volume users. Regardless of the size of your company or tariff, eTariffManager is the ideal solution for your tariff filing requirements.

eTariffManager is the most innovative tariff management solution available; we have continued to expand its features to provide our users enhanced management and filing options. eTariffManager is the only tariff management product that uploads Word, PDF, and RTF documents. Thousands of filings per year are generated using eTariffManager; it works well with any type of tariff—simple or complex, large or small. How can Systrends help you with your tariff management?

eTariffManager service options:
  • The License Purchase option: Allows companies to install the software onsite, or have it hosted by Systrends and generate unlimited filings for one price.
  • Pay-Per-Use option:  Web-based solution hosted by Systrends that allows users to log in to their own private site to create, edit and manage tariffs. Payment is made for the filings generated each month. 
  • Pay-Per-Filing option: Systrends creates the FERC-defined XML from your tariff documents and sends the XML back to you for submission. Payment is made for the preparation of each filing.

eTariffManager features include:
  • Tariffs imported from MS Word or structured PDF
  • Multiple company and multiple user capability
  • Advanced report search and display capability
  • Filing library and Master Tariff library sorting and archival
  • All accepted filings and sections combined into one Master Tariff
  • Order and Docket tracking and reporting

eTariffManager has four optional add-on applications to support your tariff management needs:
  • eTariffLoader to import previously filed XML into eTariffManager
  • eTariffWeb to transfer tariff documents from eTariffManager to a company content management system or to a public website
  • eTariffCompliance to provide a full-featured governance risk compliance system for impact analysis
  • eTariffApp sends tariff documents directly from FERC’s eTariff Viewer to an iPad

Systrends makes sure our software products comply with changing FERC requirements. New software offerings based on recent FERC filing requirements include:
  • eFile549 to convert spreadsheets to XML and PDF for 549D filings
  • eFileEQR to convert spreadsheets to FERC-defined XML for EQR filings

Let eTariffManager guide you through the tariff management process