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FERC Forms XBRL Software
FERC's New Requirement in Order 859  adopts an XBRL format for the Commissions Industry Form submissions.   
Systrends has developed software for this new XBRL requirement that not only uploads the data into the various schedules but does all the tagging to the taxonomy for you.
The look and feel of the Systrends eFINForms (XBRL) software resembles the FoxPro application - but will tag and generate the XBRL and file directly to FERC.
The Forms that the software prepares include:
  • Form 1, 1-F, 3-Q, and 714 for Electric industry
  • Form 2, 2A and 3Q for Gas
  • Form 6 and 6-Q for Oil.
  • Form 60 for Service Companies
Some features of Systrends eFINForms software include: 
  • Generates Forms 1, 1F, 2, 2A, 3Q, 6, 6Q, 60 and 714
  • Contains all previous years filings from FERC
  • Performs the tagging to the taxonomy simply by uploading data – Users will not need to interact with the Taxonomy or XBRL (all done by the software)
  • Calculates column totals automatically
  • Provides multi-level approval process
  • Creates the necessary footnotes for any cell in the form
  • Manages data and the filing from beginning to end with out the manual entry process required in the current Fox Pro application..
  • Contains built in validations not only at the schedule level but for the entire XBRL to ensure you have a FERC compliant form submission. 
  • Easy-to- use application that uploads excel spreadsheets and Word documents
  • Contains a bulk upload feature for line item schedules or mapping data to multiple cells throughout all the schedules at once.
  • Will roll-forward filings and populate previous years/quarters data to the next filing (populates data to the “previous year” column)
  • Is Multi-User and Multi-Company capable
  • User role permissions for different level access
  • Print Form in PDF for state submission
Systrends XBRL software is a web-based enterprise application that will allow you to manage your financial data and Form Submission from beginning to end. It will generate the XBRL with all the tagging to the taxonomy and submit directly to FERC. Users do not need to do any tagging or have a service tag for you. The software does it all - You only need to worry about uploading the data.
Demonstrations are available upon request.
FERC is starting XBRL Format submission with Third Quarter 2021.  Form Filers should continue to use Fox Pro through Q2 2021.  All 3-Q Submission are due by December 31, 2021 in the new format.
Email eFINForms@systrends.com for more information.