FERC Filing Software Solutions

For the past several years, FERC has issued several NOPR's and Orders changing the way in which certain data is submitted to the commission. In 2010 it started with eTariff filings to be submitted in XML Format. In 2013 the same requirement was made for Electric Quarterly Reports (EQR).  Recent changes include submitting Industry Forms (3Qs) in XBRL and creating a New MBR Data Collections Relational Database.

Systrends has developed software applications for each of the new requirements issued by FERC. Our software not only allows you to submit your data in the proper format but validates and manages your data as well.  In most cases our software will file directly to FERC helping streamline the filing process.

eTariffManager In 2010 Systrends developed a feature-rich eTariff solution that converts tariffs into XML format for proper submission to the commission. Systrends eTariffManager can manage any size company tariff along with any affiliates within your organization  - all in one place.

eTariffLoader is an add-on feature in our eTariffManager software designed to upload FERC XML files into the software. This way if you obtain any company or client that already has a tariff on file with FERC - the full history can be uploaded and ready for you to continue future filings with ease.   

eTariffWeb is another add-on application to our eTariffManager software which is designed to display and auto update your tariff to your company website. Anytime a filing, docket or tariff record is updated in the application or submitted to the commission, the eTariffWeb publisher will automatically convert and push the updates to tariff page on your company website for viewing by the market.  

eFileEQR - In 2013 Systrends built a software application for creating, updating and submitting EQR data to FERC. Even through FERC made an application available on their website, Systrends EQR allows you to upload CSV or Excel files, validates the data and manages historical submission.  It is proposed that FERC may be changing EQR requirmeents in the future to XBRL.
eFINForms - (NEW) In 2021 XBRL application will comply with FERC Order 859 electronic filing for Commission Forms. Systrends has developed software for this new XBRL requirement that not only uploads the data into the various schedules but does all the tagging to the taxonomy for you. The look and feel of the Systrends eFINForms (XBRL) software resembles the FoxPro application - but will tag and generate the XBRL and file directly to FERC.
eMBRdata - (NEW) in 2021 to comply with FERC Order 860 Data Collections for MBR companies to submit data in XML format to the Relational Database. A proprietary Bulk Upload Template allows users to gather the necessary data - with built in dropdown choices to ensure proper FERC compliant entries, and upload all the data at once to validate and turn into the XML package for submission to the relational database
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