eFileForms Solution

Recently FERC issued Docket No. AD15-11 Order instituting proceeding to develop electronic filing protocols for Commission Forms. The Commission intends to replace its current software and have the industry submit the FERC Forms in XML format. 

FERC has no plans to build software to help with submission of the Forms and is relying on the industry to either develop or seek software vendors who will develop an application for converting the current Form data to XML.

With the help of NAESB, a list of standards, validations, and XSDs will be developed to regulate the submission process. Systrends will participate in all NAESB meetings in regards to the new standards and develop the necessary software for filing the commission Forms in XML.

The Commission Forms that are affected by this order include

  • Major Electric Utilities Form 1 and Form 3-Q
  • Non-Major Electric Utilities Form 1-F and Form 3-Q
  • Electric Transmitting Utilities Form 714
  • Major natural Gas Pipelines Form 2 and Form 3-Q
  • Non-Major Natural Gas Pipelines Form 2A and Form 3-Q
  • Oil Pipelines Form 6 and Form 6-Q
  • Centralized Service Companies Form 60